Web Design like playing with blocks...

Template Blocks is a visual template engine, replacing any semantics of previous generation engines with an AJAX interface.

It's written in PHP and is distributed under the GPL.

  • Visual Interface

    On a basic level of use, Template blocks does not require any files edited manually. Simply upload and run the setup on your browser. Everything is handled through online forms viewed on a web browser.
  • Good for all

    Novice programmers will appreciate the fact that they don't need to write one line of code to compile their template, while experienced coders won't find limits in using their skills.
  • Online/Offline use

    Although the engine can be used to present the template of an online website it can also be used offline as a middleware tool just to help you create your templates easier for use anywhere else...

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Do I really need a template engine?

The most important gain in general is that it removes the template creation from the hands of any CMS, blog or other content-oriented system. That way the other scripts are free to deal with what their intended use is - the content.

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Any special requirements?

Firstly, your server must run PHP 5 and MySQL and you must use a browser that supports JavaScript and CSS 2. These are all standard features these days so there shouldn't be a problem setting up Template Blocks for your website.

The most important requirement though is that you should know how to develop a website before start using this script. Although Template Blocks is designed around an interactive visual interface, it has also left a lot of freedom to the users so they can create the website they want. This only means that:

A "know-how" is essential for creating the building blocks of your website...

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This project needs your support:

Please send in your feedback, submit your blocks at the open repository and spread the word about this fine template engine. Consider also clicking on the top banner or donating $1 to cover our financial expenses and continue to work on this project.

Whatever you can do to help, it will really make a world of a difference.